Do you guys have that saying here; Is nothing sacred? Like Miley Cyrus… Miley Cyrus’s tweaking?

Dr. Marsden
Dr. Baumer: Where do you find piano music?
Andrew: 789
Dr. Baumer: 789? There may be some piano music there
Andrew: That was 100% a guess

It’s foggy… Like my brain!


Let me play your skills test! I’ll walk in and say ‘I shall now play Concerto in D major… With my ass cheeks’

Jessie: I came inside because I started to melt!
Jessie's Mom: Melting??
Jessie: It happened to the wicked witch of the west!!
Jessie's Mom: Haha! You're not the wicked witch, you're a delicate flower, you need water!
Delilah: We are farmers
Newell's class: Bum duh dum dum dum dum dah
Nick: No te gusta teh butt sex?
Shana: No te gusto the butto sexo?
Hadley: There was peanut butter somewhere in there.

Moms want babies with dimples, not beards.